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import os.path
import dolfin
from .domain import Domain

[docs] class FileDomain(Domain): """ Create a domain from DOLFIN mesh files (.xml). :param mesh_file: The .xml file of the mesh. :type mesh_file: str :param facet_ids_file: The .xml file containing the facet ids of the mesh. If None, the default is to `mesh_file` + "_facet_region.xml". :type facet_ids_file: str :param cell_ids_file: The .xml file containing the cell ids of the mesh. If None, the default is to `mesh_file` + "_physical_region.xml". :type cell_ids_file: str """ def __init__(self, mesh_file, facet_ids_file=None, cell_ids_file=None): #: A :class:`dolfin.Mesh` containing the mesh. self.mesh = dolfin.Mesh(mesh_file) # Read facet markers if facet_ids_file is None: facet_ids_file = (os.path.splitext(mesh_file)[0] + "_facet_region.xml") # Read cell markers if cell_ids_file is None: cell_ids_file = (os.path.splitext(mesh_file)[0] + "_physical_region.xml") #: A :class:`dolfin.FacetFunction` containing the surface markers. self.facet_ids = dolfin.MeshFunction("size_t", self.mesh, facet_ids_file) #: A :class:`dolfin.Measure` for the facet parts. self._ds = dolfin.Measure('ds')(subdomain_data=self.facet_ids) #: A :class:`dolfin.CellFunction` containing the area markers. self.cell_ids = dolfin.MeshFunction("size_t", self.mesh, cell_ids_file) #: A :class:`dolfin.Measure` for the cell subdomains. self._dx = dolfin.Measure("dx")(subdomain_data=self.cell_ids)