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import os
from dolfin import FunctionSpace
from .base_farm import BaseFarm

[docs]class Farm(BaseFarm): """Extends :py:class:`BaseFarm`. Creates a farm from a mesh and subdomain ids. Following parameters are available: :ivar domain: A :class:`Domain` object describing the domain. :ivar turbine: A :class:`Turbine` object describing the domain. :ivar site_ids: A list of integers describing the subdomain identifiers of the farm(s) :ivar function_space: A :class:`dolfin.FunctionSpace` that specifies in which function space the turbine friction is in. """ def __init__(self, domain, turbine=None, site_ids=None, function_space=None, n_time_steps = None): # Initialize the base class super(Farm, self).__init__(domain, turbine, site_ids, n_time_steps) if function_space is None: function_space = FunctionSpace(self.domain.mesh, "CG", 2) self._turbine_function_space = function_space # Set the function space in the cache. self.turbine_cache.set_function_space(function_space)