Source code for opentidalfarm.solvers.les

# Adapted from the Firedrake-Fluids project.
from dolfin import *
from dolfin_adjoint import *

[docs] class LES(object): r""" A solver for computing the eddy viscosity by solving: .. math:: e = (s w)^2I where :math:`e` is the eddy viscosity, :math:`s` is the smagorinsky coefficient, :math:`w = \sqrt{\text{cell volume}}` is the filter width, and :math:`I` is the second invariant defined as: .. math:: I = \sum_{1 \le i, j \le 2} 2S_{i, j}^2, \quad S = \frac{1}{2} \left(\nabla u + \nabla u^T\right) Parameters: :param V: The function space for the the eddy viscosity. :param u: The velocity function. :param smagorinsky_coefficient: The smagorinsky coefficient. :ivar eddy_viscosity: The smagorinsky coefficient. """ def __init__(self, V, u, smagorinsky_coefficient): self._V = V self.eddy_viscosity = Function(V) # Create a eddy viscosity solver les_lhs, les_rhs = self._eddy_viscosity_eqn(u, smagorinsky_coefficient) eddy_viscosity_problem = LinearVariationalProblem(les_lhs, les_rhs, self.eddy_viscosity, bcs=[]) self._solver = LinearVariationalSolver(eddy_viscosity_problem) self._solver.parameters["linear_solver"] = "lu" self._solver.parameters["symmetric"] = True self._solver.parameters["lu_solver"]["reuse_factorization"] = True def _strain_rate_tensor(self, u): S = 0.5*(grad(u) + grad(u).T) return S def _eddy_viscosity_eqn(self, u, smagorinsky_coefficient): dim = len(u) w = TestFunction(self._V) eddy_viscosity = TrialFunction(self._V) cell_vol = CellVolume(self._V.mesh()) filter_width = cell_vol**(1.0/dim) S = self._strain_rate_tensor(u) second_invariant = 0.0 for i in range(0, dim): for j in range(0, dim): second_invariant += 2.0*(S[i,j]**2) second_invariant = sqrt(second_invariant) rhs = (smagorinsky_coefficient*filter_width)**2*second_invariant lhs = inner(w, eddy_viscosity)*dx rhs = inner(w, rhs)*dx return lhs, rhs
[docs] def solve(self): """ Update the eddy viscosity solution for the current velocity. :returns: The eddy viscosity. """ self._solver.solve() return self.eddy_viscosity