2.10. Useful scripts

The scripts directory of the OpenTidalFarm source directory contains a set of useful scripts.

2.10.1. FVCOM to OpenTidalFarm converter

This script can be used to convert an existing FVCOM mesh into a compatible OpenTidalFarm mesh. It can also (optionally) convert FVCOM velocity fields.


usage: fvcom_to_otf.py [-h] --nc NC --xml XML [--velocity VELOCITY] [--plot]

Converts FVCOM meshes and velocity fields to OpenTidalFarm compatible xml

optional arguments:
  -h, --help           show this help message and exit
  --nc NC              input FVCOM filename (.nc extension)
  --xml XML            output OpenTidalFarm mesh filename (.xml extension)
  --velocity VELOCITY  output OpenTidalFarm velocity filename (.xml extension)
  --plot               plot the results


python scripts/fvcom_to_otf.py --nc myFCVOM.nc --xml myOTFmesh.xml --velocity myOTF_velocities.xml --plot