Tidal forcing and bathymetry

class opentidalfarm.tidal.BathymetryDepthExpression(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: Expression

Create a bathymetry depth Expression from a lat/lon NetCDF file, where the depth values stored as “z” field.

Parameters are:

filename utm_zone utm_band maxval. Default value is 10 domain. Default value is None

eval(values, x)[source]

Evaluates the bathymetry at a point.

class opentidalfarm.tidal.TidalForcing(**kwargs)[source]

Bases: Expression

Create a TidalForcing Expression from OTPSnc NetCDF files, where the grid is stored in a separate file (with “lon_z”, “lat_z” and “mz” fields). The actual data is read from a seperate file with hRe and hIm fields.

The parameters are:

grid_file_name data_file_name ranges utm_zone utm_band initial_time constituents

eval(values, X)[source]

Evaluates the tidal forcing.